Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Long Time

Hi all, it's been a long time since I blog much but rest assured as something new is coming. Check back soon for something exciting!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beyond Veggie By Secret Recipe Bintulu

Beyond Veggie By Secret Recipe is an intriguing spot recently opened at Bintulu Sentral (Google map still showing a jungle path but it is located just around the corner of Digi). As the name suggest it is a vegetarian themed restaurant by Secret Recipe which we dropped by last week to have a try.

Vegetarian restaurant has always been the sort of ignored places as I find it largely ironic that these restaurants serve dishes made of vegetable to resemble or taste like poultry. I am puzzled whether people who do not want to eat meat due to religious belief or to end animal cruelty wants to actually get a taste of it? For now I will just leave it at that but being it from Secret Recipe I was curious to find out what is actually being served?

The restaurant has a relaxing feel to it mostly due to it's lighting placement with dark ceiling for a chill hangout plus the night we arrived there was only two tables occupied which was surprising considering most new restaurant is swarm with people. We were served immediately with a green menu, there is a selection of dishes that could be found from the original Secret Recipe however those dishes with meat or prawn are being substitute with vegetables. Things that I found interesting are the variety of appetizers like mushroom done in different style and sauces, yam basket, spring rolls and there is a slew of choices for fried rice and noodles cooked with some different kind of vegetables. Then there is also the dessert which I find pleasing apart from their cakes (most are not found at Secret Recipe) are the new addition of cendol or shaved ice and sago.

We made our orders and less than fifteen minutes the foods are out.

The Snow Mountain which cendol shaved ice looks good but unfortunately lacks the taste, it taste pretty watered out as they used too little condensed milk.

Mushroom is the new meat

Kueh teow with bitter gourd, as the name would suggest is quite bitter which came in a large bowl with black sauce that tasted a bit herbal but I couldn't make out what it was. A very large potion with lots of mushroom however overall I do not find the look or smell too appetizing.

Tom yum without the prawn

Tom yum soup noodle, Secret Recipe has the same dish however they sub the prawn with mushrooms (mushroom is the new meat here). It lacks flavor due the missing prawn and cuttlefish usually used to give an overall sweet flavor.

No lion mane was harm in making this dish

Lion mane mushroom, although no resemblance of a lion however it was the highlight of the night. It has the curry flavor yet sweet smell and taste which is mouth watering. To be honest it really taste like meat maybe that is the reason I enjoy it.

Healthiest meal we had...really?

Overall I do like the place and Beyond Veggie has set itself apart from the tiring western food restaurant in Bintulu. There is a lot of choices that I look forward in trying in the future. Stay tune for future updates.

Lion Mane Mushroom - RM19.90
Kuey Teow Bitter Gourd - RM15.90
Tom Yum Soup Noodle - RM15.90
Snow Mountain - RM7.50
Quickfix - RM8.90

Monday, March 17, 2014

Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd

Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd has been around in Bintulu lately and I had the opportunity to taste it. In chinese we call it  豆腐花 or dou fu hua which is sort of dessert with silky smooth bean curd bath in sweet syrup.

Although there has been the old veteran Jumbo Beancurd in Bintulu for quite some time but Kulai Lou Pan has been the talk lately due to its founder's Seow Sunny antic which I would say is doing him more good than harm. There has also been some edited photos of China new station reporting Kulai Lou Pan containing preservatives which was debunked by Seow Sunny himself.

I would say the taste is surprisingly refreshing compare to the normal beancurd I had, imagine having a bowl of caramel which is silky, smooth and melts in your mouth. The taste is soy and doesn't contain too much sweet syrup in it.

Overall it was enjoyable but I don't foresee myself eating these everyday and it comes with the price of RM4.50 which I found a bit steep for just a small portion of beancurd.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Are you ready?

We are still here!Although a little busy going about eating everything we can see, stay tune as there will be more updates to come in the few days!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

ZenQ Bintulu - Blackforest Danish Toast

ZenQ Dessert Bintulu has recently added a new toast series to their dessert menu which seems quite popular judging from all the hype being posted on Facebook. So I decided to give a go and chosen the Blackforest Danish Toast which they also have Chocolate Banana Honey Toast and Strawberry Lover Honey Toast.

The wait was pretty long around 10 minutes despite we were the only table waiting for our desserts to be served which I can't imagine on a busy day. The toast came in a big plate with fork and knife but because the table surface was pretty smooth, I had a hard time trying to cut through it.

Blackforest Danish Toast sure looks dark
Top with chocolate ice cream, grapes, kiwis and a layer of peanut butter on top of a toast, it was somewhat puzzling to say the least to even consider it creative. The taste if you would imagine is like getting an ice cream bun from those bicycle ice cream vendor for a price of RM2.00 but instead you are paying RM16.90 for it. The mix of peanut spread with chocolate ice cream was not really my preference, it felt there is just too many different things going on with the toast and halfway through it I stopped as I was feeling pretty dreadful like when you load up too much fat and sugar in a filling.

Maybe I did not know what I was expecting but overall in my opinion it could have been good other than ice cream on toast with bombardment of different taste on it.

Blackforest Danish Toast - RM16.90

The Esplanade Bintulu

View The Esplanade in a larger map

The Esplanade Bintulu is one of those hidden spot due to it's location and public perception towards not knowing what to expect from the restaurant. Situated just beside the riverbanks of Bintulu Waterfront, it serves a variety of Chinese dishes and seafood choices while I did not see any Halal sign however they do not serve any pork and there was a few tables with our Muslim friends.

 I have been here since the week of The Esplanade's opening and as expected of any newly opened restaurant the service was poor. Food came out late and the drinks did not even came until we asked at our last dish. So I decided to come back again after a year later. You can choose to sit within the restaurant which is air conditioned or outside which I enjoyed the view of the park and the cool breeze.

We ordered bean curd with seafood soup, fried prawn with salted egg, stir fried broccoli with almond and deep fried chicken Thai style. I expected the food to be late as there were a few tables waiting and not to mentioned the people seated just in front of us was really unhappy with their order as the food did not came and they canceled it in the end. Yet I was pleasantly surprised food took around 15 minutes to be served while I could not say the same thing for the drinks as it took a staggering 20 minutes just for a watermelon juice and barley lemon.

The food was great especially the prawn fried with salted egg which is in golden crisps and not to mention the portion of the Thai style was huge. I love the relaxing experience and would be coming back again.

Fried prawn with salted egg - RM20.00
Bean curd with seafood soup - RM8.00
Stir fried broccoli with almond - RM15.00
Deep friend chicken Thai style - RM12.00
White Rice per person - RM1.00
Watermelon Juice - RM5.00
Barley lemon - RM5.00

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T4 Bintulu

View T4 Bintulu in a larger map

T4 is a Taiwan bubble tea franchised which has open it's door in Bintulu since 2012 has received good reception from the public. Dubbed as the Tea Master, I must admit their tea always has that special refreshing taste that doesn't feel like you are drinking a cup of over sugary water. The best part is that you are allowed to choose how much sugar or even ice you want in your drink.

Personally I love the feel of the whole shop, a relaxing place where you can hangout with friends or just spend a little quiet evening finishing your book with a cup of milk tea. Although some times it could get pretty crowded.

Picture taken from T4 Facebook Page

Below is T4 Bintulu menu. Click to enlarge. Personal favorite is their Elegant Lady Rose Tea.

Picture taken from T4 Facebook Page